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Beep Xtra is a revolutionary LOYALTY PROGRAM that focuses on building stronger customer relationships with stores existing clientele as well as giving incentives to these customers to buy more. Beep Xtra is at the forefront of building an interconnected family of stores locally, regionally and internationally, whereby these stores benefit from each other and gain greater exposure.
We wish you will never have to delete your BeepXtra account, but if you are determined to do so, you can just simply reach out and contact us via Facebook by sending us a message asking us to do so, or via email, and we will instantly cancel your account for you.
ou can check out all nearby BeepXtra Stores through your BeepXtra Mobile App, by clicking "Stores" from the menu below. It automatically shows all the BeepXtra Stores that are in close range of the place you are. You can also check nearby stores through
All you have to do to setup your account with BeepXtra, is download the BeepXtra App through Google Play or App Store and Register for Free by filling out your personal details. If you already have received a physical Beep card from any Beep store in the world you can also enter your BeepXtra Card Number. Although this option is optional if you have not received your physical card yet. By clicking the Register button after filling in all necessary information, your BeepXtra account is setup.
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