What is Beepxtra?

  • BeepXtra is a LOYALTY PROGRAM that is and can be used by any store / business around the world.
  • Creating a local, regional and global network of various stores / businesses from every industry and having ONE loyalty program that is shared by ALL.
  • If used correctly, a great potential to be an ADDITIONAL revenue stream.
  • All Beep Stores from around the world can be seen at www.beepstores.com

Why should Individuals Join?

  • Receive DISCOUNTS on purchases at any active Beep Store / Business around the world.
  • Discounts are not limited to 1 store but can be redeemed at ANY active Beep Store, locally, regionally or globally.
  • REWARDS, DISCOUNTS on future purchases from BeepXtra depending on how often you use the Beep Loyalty Program.
  • It is 100% FREE of charge with NO HIDDEN COSTS
  • Should individuals choose to, BeepXtra can be an ADDITIONAL REVENUE stream.

Why should businesses/Stores Join?

  • By subscribing your customers to the Beep Loyalty Program, you are giving an incentive for your existing customers to SPEND MORE.
  • Customers that YOU have signed up into Beep that buy goods or services at ANY other Beep Store/business around the world automatically gives you CASH that is paid out by Beep.
  • Significantly INCREASE your store / business online presence.
  • If used correctly and as the Beep network grows, have the potential of EXPANDING your clientele and in turn receiving a HIGHER income.