Mission Statement

Beep Xtra aims to decentralize the Loyalty Card Schemes into one affordable global solution for both shoppers and retailers.

Current Loyalty Club Card Schemes become obsolescent as the market degrades and consolidates to a small fraction of retail stores that can afford maintaining a Loyalty Club Scheme.

Bringing the global Loyalty Club Card Concept into the future requires systematic rethinking of the goals and possibilities of our current techniques. User interaction with mobile devices are also on the cusp of re-definition as new social profiling computing changes how we interact with daily purchases.
This is also changing how we see the opportunities of loyalty schemes via personalized mobile apps, cloud computing as well as real life tangible plastic membership cards.

The evolution comes by simplifying programming practices developed for complex systems. It is a practice of creating and modifying the design of a Loyalty Club Card system as it is developed.

Another interesting model is machine learning.

This is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the design and development of algorithms that take empirical data, such as shopping habits, preferences, favourite movies/food/gadgets etc, and yield patterns of prediction that represent the underlying mechanism that generated the data. This provides YOU, the user, with a personalized shopping experience based on your needs and personal likes.
We would like to apply this thinking in conjunction with smart techniques, to explore how our Global Loyalty Club Card - Beep Xtra Card, will change the future of both retailers and clients!