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Suggested integration method: API (Integrate your 3rd party ePOS with Beep)

Beep will require direct communication with your 3rd Party ePOS Provider and will supply tools and code needed for a developer at the 3rd Party ePOS provider to create a plugin to be linked with the Beep system. This means that your current ePOS software will most probably remain the same, the only difference will be that there will be extra features linking to Beep.

BeepXtra will supply the API tool, with all the support necessary to the existing 3rd Party ePOS provider in order to integrate the BeepXtra service with your existing ePOS software.

ATTENTION: This integration method does not imply any direct work from Beep Personnel on your software. Please consult with your existing ePOS provider who will handle this integration prior to ordering.

Beep will get in touch with your 3rd Party ePOS provider to discuss integration after your purchase is made.

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